Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Game Design

Team Members:
  • Justin Kern - Viz/Art
  • Drew Reagan - Programmer
  • John Laky - Programmer
  • Brett Hlavinka - Scope Creep
For our first project in the class, we are thinking of doing a reverse modification of Tower Defense. The idea is to have the computer control the placement and type of defenses and the user will draw the path and summon the creeps to hopefully make it to the goal state. The challenging task will be to make it so that there's never one perfect path through the state, but that some will be better than others. Think this or this, only with more defenses and more path options.

I think that once we have a concrete idea as to how this will work, it's going to turn out great. The biggest problem could end up being a lack of interactivity, so we may want to make it so that you can change the current path on-the-fly.


chris aikens said...

Dang that idea sounds awesome! Use Elemental Tower Defense! Brett knows what I'm talking about...

Brett said...

this is awesome. my title should not have been programmer - it should have been 'scope creep'

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