Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Look - The Sequel!

In an effort to keep things readable, I've decided to go with a lighter and more readable theme. I like it a lot, and I hope you guys do too. I found this one on deluxe blogger templates which I highly recommend you visit if you ever want to grab a great theme that will match whatever color/mood/personality you're looking for. Leave me a comment and let me know if you like this new theme or wish I had my old one back.

I also did away with the forced uniform lowercasing of all the words. I thought it looked stylistically cool, but in the end it didn't help readability, so I'm back to pleasing all the English teachers out there.

You should all check out Revision119's new website to keep up to date on "The Fall of E.V.I.L. Corp." We're going to try to build this game in such a way that you will actually be able to download and play the game on your own computer without a hitch. That is, if you own an Xbox controller... But who knows, maybe we'll add functionality for the keyboard as well. It's up to YOU! Leave me a comment if you are going to want to play this game and don't have a controller you can plug into your computer.


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