Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Game Design Week 2

Here's another list of things to help make tomorrow's presentation easier

  • menu/edit/action/game over states
  • button functionality in all modes (but no actions associated yet for help/score)
  • tower generator algorithm
  • path drawing abilities
  • creep path movement and tower attacks
  • partial path-checking algorithms
  • most of the sounds (though many are not currently implemented)
  • the ability to play indefinitely
  • all completed artwork
  • tower projectiles
  • instructions/story
  • high score menu allowing users to save to a file on their hard drive
  • the ability to see the radius of a tower upon pointer hovering
  • finalization of the points system
  • improving path analysis/verification and fixing special game cases that cause it to crash
  • possible forking paths (don't hold your breath)
  • cues to fire more sound effects
 if we can get all this done, i'll be proud of our three-week long project where 2/3 of the programmers were unfamiliar with XNA. i can't wait to give our presentation because i know it will be great. and i'm sure everyone else's will too.


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